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Challenges in Operations and Maintenance of a solar plant

  Preventive Maintenance: Preventive Maintenance includes routine inspection and servicing of all plant equipment. It is a necessary activity to prevent breakdowns and reduce energy yield losses. Following the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and standard Checklists helps ensure consistency and quality of work. Condition Monitoring: Condition based Monitoring involves monitoring of equipment condition and plant Read More

Factors Affecting Solar PV Power Plant Performance

Solar Photo Voltaic Power Plants are designed to last 25 years or more. However, during the life time of a Solar PV Power Plant there are many factors that can affect Plant performance. During the Plant design stage, a study is done using Simulation software (viz PVSYST) to arrive at the likely monthly and yearly Read More

Maximum Power Point Tracking Technique

A PV Panel consists of several photovoltaic cells in series and parallel connections. Series connections are responsible for increasing the voltage of the module whereas the parallel connection is responsible for increasing the current in the array. Typically, Solar Panel has converting efficiency of 8 to 15 % of the Incident Solar Irradiance into electrical energy. I-V Read More

Thermography-A Quick Analysis

Solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of energy. With increase in power demand and subsidies available from local governments, countries like India are opting more for solar energy; Availability of sun shine and vast land area is an added advantage. With this the number of challenges in operation and maintenance services has also Read More

Wireless Sensor Network – Delivery Reliability

The utility scale solar power plants require various equipment such as inverter, string combiner box, Weather station, Transformer, Multi-Function Meter (MFM), Tri-Vector Meter (TVM), Trackers, Fire alarms and Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB). All equipment in the plant should be monitored to increase plant availability, functionality check of each equipment and for datalogging. Modbus is a Read More

Solar Seasonal Tilt-A Quick Analysis

PV Solar Plants are of 3 types principally – i) Fixed Tilt Plant ii) Tracker based plants (most common are with Single Axis trackers) iii) Seasonal Tilt Plants. Fixed Tilt Plants are installed at a fixed tilt angle, mostly linked to the latitude of the place and facing south (for plants installed in the northern Read More

Importance Of Ground Fault Monitoring

Among some glaring issues in Solar Plant Operation and Maintenance, Ground fault a is very common phenomenon, specifically arising during monsoon and wet conditions. Occurrence of ground faults affect the generation as well as lead to safety issues. In accordance with the IEC60364, earthing systems are configured as TT, TN or IT networks. The DC Read More