Challenges in Operations and Maintenance of a solar plant


Preventive Maintenance:

Preventive Maintenance includes routine inspection and servicing of all plant equipment. It is a necessary activity to prevent breakdowns and reduce energy yield losses. Following the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and standard Checklists helps ensure consistency and quality of work.

Condition Monitoring:

Condition based Monitoring involves monitoring of equipment condition and plant operation on real time basis and addresses potential problem at a very early stage to prevent breakdown. A significant change in condition can be indicative of a likely fault that can occur.

Corrective Maintenance:

Corrective maintenance activities begin in the event of a fault.  The goal should be to clear the faults and restore operation of the equipment within the limits of contractual Plant availability.

O&M Budget:

Minimum budget within which to manage the smooth operations of a solar plant is one of the biggest challenges.

Here the site management strategy should be comprehensive for a better performance minimum cost along with customer satisfaction.


To maintain the record of each activity at the site and provide this information on time without any delay to the client. This is one of the best practice in O&M services.

Spare Management:

“Keeping Machines in fit condition calls for right spare parts at right time in right quantity”

Inventory management system is one of the best ways to track stock, warranty, and spares maintenance to ensure smooth operations in a plant.

Skilled Manpower:

Skills Training is most important for improving workmanship and a productive work environment.

Behavioral and Technical skills may be honed on the job so that the O&M provider helps

  • Maintain a healthy work environment and can enhance the quality of work
  • Minimize accidents on the job
  • Minimize breakdown time
  • Standardization in Plant and internal process


Plant Performance:

To achieve the plant performance in terms of Performance Ratio (PR) and Operational Performance Ratio(OPR), Generation units, reduce Breakdown and ensure smooth operation, following tasks are important for the on-site team:

(1) Module Cleaning as per desired frequency and site conditions

(2) Vegetation control as required

(3) Spares Management

(4) Manpower optimization

(5) Quality Maintenance work

(6) SCADA Monitoring


When working at a Project site, it is in the interest of people and property to maintain the safety protocol and use (Personal Protective Equipment) PPE’s and the right methods during the work for protection from any kind of hazards.

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