Replenish your Non-functional Solar PV Plant SCADA 

Have you Invested in a world-class Solar PV SCADA and now unable to monitor your PV Plant?

You are not alone! There are several Solar PV Plant owners repenting their decision on the choice of SCADA supplier.

Avi Solar Energy Pvt Ltd., with their experience of managing over 1 GW of Solar PV plants across India has analyzed and understood why most of the SCADA systems are not functional.

Here are top 4 reasons:

  1. Leased line connections not working.
    • Most SCADA needs a high bandwidth internet connection like leased lines, which are very expensive to renew.
  2. Developers have not renewed the AMC with SCADA supplier
    • Many suppliers sold their system at low prices initially, but owners didn’t know that you need to pay a heavy premium every year.
  3. The cables connecting the SCADA systems have damaged.
    • Most traditional SCADA systems were interconnected using KMs of Fiber Optic / Copper cables, which have been damaged by unskilled labours at the plant.
  4. No Service / Support engineers visit the plant
    • Many leading SCADA suppliers provide you telephonic support. But to resolve major issues you need to depute service engineers at these sites which are usually in remote areas.

Don’t we have a solution? can’t we restore the Remote monitoring SCADA?

You can!

Switch to EagleSun SCADATM, which is a wireless remote monitoring system designed & developed by Technical Solutions Group (TSG) of Avi Solar. These developers mostly coming from the IT industry who have developed products for multinationals, gather knowledge from Avi Solar’s O&M engineers who have REAL field experience on all different PV technologies. They understand what works & what does not at PV plants.


EagleSun SCADA is a low cost solution , can inter operate with your existing SCADA with no/minimal changes to your existing SCADA system

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