Solar PV Forecasting & Scheduling – Integrated with EagleSun SCADA

Forecasting and Scheduling (F&S) regulations for renewable energy generators, specifically for Solar PV plant owners has been communicated by SLDC and the industry has started gearing up for its impact! The effective dates for DSM penalty are in place for many states.

The requirement is to submit  day-ahead power generation  which can be done using different ways shown below:

  1. Energy generators (IPPs) can submit the F&S directly to SLDC
  2. Third party (FSS) on behalf of Energy generators (IPPs) can submit the F&S directly to SLDC
  3. QCA can submit the aggregated F&S to SLDC
  4. Aggregator (Agg) can submit the aggregated F&S to SLDC

Avisolar Energy is also one of the QCA and is already submitting F&S in the states of Andhra Pradesh (AP), Telengana (TS) and Karnataka. With our experience managing over 1GW of Solar PV plants, the Technical Solutions Group (TSG) has developed a robust forecasting algorithm which generates week ahead and day ahead generation.

This easy to use forecasting tool can be integrated with Avisolar’s wireless remote monitoring system -EagleSun SCADA.






EagleSun SCADA gets real time data from  Inverter. The key parameter needed for F&S is AC Power . This data is continuously monitored, compared with the forecasted power and the deviation is calculated instantaneously.

For more details & a free demo of the F&S tool pl write to

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