Defining new Trends in Solar PV Plant Monitoring– Avi Solar launches – EagleSun SCADA


The world is moving towards utilization of renewable energy and with installations of numerous solar PV Power Plants, it has become a challenge for the plant owners to manage their assets precisely. Solar Power plants are spread across vast landscapes in remote areas and deploying technical personnels to monitor the plant is not a viable option anymore. Avi Solar has indigenously developed advanced SCADA system to manage and monitor Solar PV plants. SCADA introduced by Avi Solar is tested and applauded by numerous Solar Plant owners for its accuracy and intuitive design.

Real time monitoring of power plant with an efficient SCADA system can save a fortune for plant owners. The losses due to one underperforming PV string may seem very small, but if unattended this can have a multiplier effect and can have a large negative impact on yearly profit.

A Typical EagleSun™ SCADA Interface for Real Time Monitoring

EagleSun SCADA system comprises of RF based Communication hardware and cloud based software which needs a simple 2G/3G datacard at the site to monitor the plant. The hardware interfaces with all major equipment in field like string combiner box, Inverters, Weather station, MFM, VCB panel and all other sensors. A simple user friendly graphical interface allows plant owners to see their generation data remotely on their smartphones or PCs.

Robust Hardware (SCBs and RF Communication)

An engineer can monitor breakdowns, manage alerts and generate reports for in-depth performance analysis. For owners of multiple plants, Avi Solar can provide customized dashboard to monitor and compare multiple plants on single login. Since EagleSun SCADA is developed inhouse, it is very cost effective and is also backed up by Avi Solar’s best in class service guarantee.

Avi Solar Energy Pvt Ltd is India’s leading independent O&M service provider for solar PV plants. With the field experience from over 700MWp assets, company has started developing SCADA and other monitoring products that are customized for PV plants. The development team comprises of highly accomplished & passionate product designers who have worked in MNCs, and released several global products. These products were deployed & tested in all projects for which the company performed EPC. The flagship product EagleSun SCADA is now available for power plant owners across the country.
With over 10GWp of solar PV plants commissioned in India, several SCADA systems are either non-functional or the data is unavailable remotely or the owners have not renewed the hefty annual license fee! Avi Solar is not only providing solutions to new plants but also has started replacing some of the existing SCADA systems with EagleSun SCADA which needs simple 2G/3G data connectivity at site.

— Sayed Sahid- Marcom Executive